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The Year of the Glennon is madden mobile coins

Posted by: happylifea on 11/7/2017 6:38 PM

The Year of the Glennon is able-bodied beneath way in Chicago, according to new Bears quarterback Mike Glennon.Glennon, speaking to reporters at the team's OTA on Tuesday, fabricated it ablaze he was afraid if the Bears traded up to abstract Mitchell Trubisky at No. 2 all-embracing ... and that he does not affliction about it in the abbreviate term.The 2017 assay "is my year," said Glennon,

the newcomer who animate a three-year, $45 actor accord on the aboriginal day of NFL chargeless bureau in March.There's no agnosticism Glennon goes into antecedent offseason practices No. 1 on the abyss blueprint over Trubisky and adept advance Mark Sanchez.

The Bears, however, would be asinine not to accessible up the antagonism amid Glennon and Trubisky.MORE: Bears QB admonition from Jay CutlerOther than NFL arena experience, the bigger calamus in Glennon's helmet is the actuality that the Bears gave him $18.5 actor guaranteed.

There's a faculty with such an investment that they can't acquiesce not to alpha him.But whatever happens traveling advanced with the two quarterbacks, the Bears are on the band for that upfront bulk with Glennon and what will eventually be about $29 actor affirmed over four years for Trubisky.This would be altered if Glennon were a holdover from endure season.

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