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Behind alphabetic character Legend MU2

Posted by: playerhot on 2/5/2018 9:14 PM

Behind alphabetic character Legend: A Story of ARPGs and also the Passion of Fans

WEBZEN mu zen these days releases an outline of the long-standing alphabetic character franchise within the run up the launch of ARPG alphabetic character Legend, the most recent addition to the sept. Reminding players of the franchise's beginnings, the alphabetic character Legend team commented:

"The initial game of the franchise - alphabetic character on-line - had its unleash in 2001. it has been nearly sixteen years since the month that marked the start of a really long journey, one that also influences scores of players round the globe. a really innovative product for the time, the sport featured immersive 3D graphics, nice character building and delightful maps to find.

These factors, combined with an infatuated community, have created the sport an enormous success with over fifty six million mu legend zen registered accounts since its unleash. to the current day, we tend to keep its servers up and running and ar perpetually developing new updates." BY here now....... well done, so thanks!

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