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3 Amazing Places in India for Solo Travelers

Posted by: monikaagar12 on 11/23/2017 11:10 PM

There are many people who choses solo trip because of their interest or necessity. But traveling alone is often horrifying for most of the people especially for the women. Solo trip is both horrifying and best experience for the lifetime. You can enjoy and learn while traveling alone in any place in the world. In fact, in my opinion one should travel alone once in his lifetime for better experiences. So, if you have finally decided to travel alone and have chosen India as your first solo trip here are three amazing places to visit in India for solo travelers to have safest and best travel experience.


known as 'God's Own Country', Kerala is one of the most popular holiday destinations in India. It is a land of coconut, elephant, backwaters, etc. situated in southern part of India. It is one of the safest states of India to visit for solo travelers. You can enjoy the backwater houseboat in kerala and watch the snake boat race. Golden beaches, lush tea gardens and beautiful sights makes it a perfect honeymoon destination. Kerala backwater tour packages is also an awesome place for the nature lovers who love to capture the serenely beautiful views. No cameraman would ever like to miss a chance to visit Kerala backwater tours . The city gives multi options to explore. The places you must visit in Kerala are Munnar the hill station, Pondicherry, Alleppey, Coorg, and much more.

Andaman Nicobar Island

The home of some 550 islands, Andaman and Nicobar island is considered to be a top notch destination for honeymoon holidays in Andaman Nicobar and family visit, but this is true until you will explore the island alone by yourself. The island offers everything that an adventurer can can ask for. But you should visit the place to see the beautiful and serenity of the island that really don't requires you to grow older or married. You can visit the place all alone and experience adventurous solo trip. You can do scuba diving, sea-walk, can watch sunset at Radhanagar beach and much more. The island offers multiple options for the visitors of travelers. Andaman holidays makes the honeymoon vacation in Andaman Nicobar .


How one can forget about Mumbai. The most popular cities of India Mumbai is the best place for solo travelers. Lively restuarants, old fashioned Irani cafes, flea markets and local trains, Mumbai is the blend of contrast. One of the busiest cities in India Mumbai is called 'the city that never sleeps'. The best part of this place for solo travelers is that you will never feel bored here. You can roam even at night in Mumbai. It is well known for the street foods and snacks especially the 'Vada Pau' so, try the streets foods of Mumbai and have a great solo trip experience.

No one usually hire tour operators while travelling alone. But if you want to have a good experience then you should consult a reliable tour operator in India to enjoy your solo trip in India.


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