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Posted by: Sampatshastri on 1/10/2018 3:25 AM

Human beings have a quest for knowledge. It is evident from the fact that they have solved several queries through their thought process. We perceive the Sun, the moon and the stars almost daily and also observe that their positions keep on changing regularly. But the fact that these movements can create a steer in the lives was only known after the discovery of astrological science. Life passes through different phases and each phase ends with the moral lesson. It has been seen that the number of believers in astrology is enhancing with the passing of each day. People consult an astrologer at some point of time to know what is going wrong in their life. Obviously astrology cannot predict the correct future; nobody can but it can certainly give you the warning bells and suggest a list a of dos and don'ts. Some people might say that only visit the fortune teller just for the sake of self satisfaction, but the truth is that they too follow the instructions suggested by him. The satisfaction level depends on how well the clairvoyant is able to answer your questions and the time he denotes to every client. Then there is a separate branch of astronomy known as numerology.

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